Aleph Yin (gloominous_doom) wrote,
Aleph Yin

i not sure how i met him or came to know him
i remember once, a long time ago
there was a party at pete and alex's
the place downtown, west of bank(i think)
with a toilet on the porch

i was just a kid, lost and alone
unable to understand how people
were supposed to interact
(i suppose that's all still
very true for me)
desperate for attention,
to be liked, to be accepted
i was a kid, and i made an
ass of myself


we were in the same circles
we had the same friends
we hung out and chatted sometimes
i like him, looked up to him
respected him, and hes was
always nice to me

maybe it's just paranoia
maybe insecurities
put i felt he never forgave me that
i was always that stupid kid
i had his kindness, and his pity
but nothing more
we didn't see each other too much
less as time went on


i've been seeing him more and more
i wasn't sure how to feel at first
i'm still not sure what i feel
i know we can never be equal
he is a greater person than i
but maybe, maybe now we can be friends...
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